Int'l new grads, where do u go to work in the NY metroarea?

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Hi guys. I'm an international student and graduating soon... and paranoid! I'm too close to graduation and still have no idea what to do next, where to look for work with the kind of situation i'm in. i've looked into staffing agencies, thats one of my option. now i wonder if theres anything else for me out there besides an agency. where else can i go?

i'm too scared to commit, fearing i would make a bad decision. i dont even know where i would want to work! im just kinda lost, not knowing which aspect of the job is worth considering; is it the pay, the contract, the floor ill be working in. any former intl students tell me what their experiences were?

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What do you mean by your situation? I'm not an international student or even in New York. Maybe you could post your question on the New York board.

But, any place I've been at, there have always been plenty of people from all sorts of backgrounds being hired. Good luck!



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hi kelly!

i will be needing sponsorship in order to work after graduation, thats what i meant as "the situation im in".

the ny forum is pretty boring. =D not too much action going. hehhe.


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There's tons of RN jobs available all over New York state for GNs. Where have you been looking? I'm not an international student but what I've heard about visa sponsorship is that it takes a while and also that the chances of getting through with it are better if its done by a big hospital. Why not check out a few of them and find out what type of assistance they offer? I'm sure the HR people have all the information about how the sponsorship thing works so I would start there if I were you.

You say you're not sure what nursing specialty you want to go into. How about starting in med/surg? You'll see a little of everything in med/surg and you'll get an idea of what you like and don't like. After you get some experience you can always transfer into a specialty that interests you. As for being nervous about the commitment, why not just interview at various places and then go for the one 'fits' right. Its illegal for them to hire you for less pay and benefits just because you're a foreign citizen so the salary wouldn't be a problem.


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hi tony!

I've asked every big hospital pretty much. Most of them said no, they dont sponsor nurses. I've heard a couple of ppl get sponsorship directly from hospitals and I was wondering how they did it. I guess you need to know someone from the inside to get a sponsorship. i'll definitely do med/surg for awhile, if i get lucky to get employment in a hospital.

how is the semester going at SUNY btw?


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Wow, Aury

Hard to believe all the big hospitals said no! I never noticed it before but after reading your post I went back to check out some employment classifieds for RNs in New York both online and in the newspaper, and pretty much all of them that offer visa sponsorship are agencies. I wonder what happened? I know the hospitals used to do this big time!

I still wouldn't give up. If an agency can help you to get a green card then you should look more into it. Also check out the agency nurses forum to see what experienced nurses have to say about going that route.

Sorry I couldn't offer more useful info.

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