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Okay I'm about to turn 20 and graduated high school in 2014 since then I've done NDT, worked in a warehouse, and been waiting tables for almost a year. When I quit ndt I went to a 2 year college for rad tech, I ended up just giving up when I hit a bad depression and was in a toxic relationship. I'm not after months considering going to a technical college for practical nursing and if all goes well hopefully go on and get my RN. But that's a long ways from now. I'm definitely not a student who can just be in class and that's it, doesnt have to study. I really love the medical field and helping people but I'm really scared that I may be wasting more time and money. Its nerve racking, I know the nursing program is no joke.

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That sounds like a seriously high failure rate. Is the school fully accredited? Are the teachers good at teaching? Are the students properly chosen for admission? How many students work and/or have kids in addition to being full-time students?

Well, accreditation wise and everything they were legit. As far as whether the instructors could teach goes, that's subjective. I felt it was a mixed bag of good and bad.

In my opinion, they were a bit too "old school". This lead to a lot of students transferring to other programs. My school embraced the "Young are in nursing school and shouldn't need spoon fed so, sink or swim" mentality. A lot of students just felt the attitude was unreasonable.

That was one of the obstacles I faced in school and, it would have been the end of me if my mindset wasn't right.

While my school was abnormally militant, I think my advice still applies to people going to schools with a more modern approach tobeducation.

Me, I had to deal with overt discipline minded instruxtors. Other people at other schools will get different obstacles thrown in their path. The mindset I described is necessary in both instances.

I stayed at my school because my opinion was that every program has its shortcomings. There is no perfect program.

More than a few of the students who transfered out continued to have problems so........

That is seriously messed up.

I'mma tellin' ya! Sucks to find that out way too late.

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