Interviews over, how to send thank you's?


I had a total of 7 interviews last week. How do I go about sending thank you letters? I've heard thank you notes are ok, then I've heard letter's are better....HELP!!!


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Congratulations on getting all those interviews, you must be very special!

Make sure you send all your thank you notes.

Write something special about each unit: comment on the professionalism of staff you observed , staff's experience and positive attitude toward you, how they made you feel welcome, how the level of floor's acuity is exactly what you need to develop you critical thinking skills and motor skills, etc.

It you are not interested in the position, send a thank you note , noting that although the position is great , you have decided not to pursue it for a so and so real.

If it is still not clear, go to STICKY "Wondering why you can't get a job...", then go to the University of Pennsylvania's web-site, they have some good advice on how to write thank you notes.

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Thanks. I really do need to get them done and in the mail soon.

I don't think I'm special, just found two hospitals welcoming of interviewing new grads LOL.


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another thing is if you have their e-mail , send them today by e-mail and then send a hard copy by regular snail mail. Hurry!

Good luck

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