Interviewing with Wellpoint...*nervous*

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Evening, all nurses! My background in nursing is eclectic. I have spent the last 4 years in home care case management. I initially applied with Wellpoint six months ago for a Telephone Case Management position but didn't get past the resume/application process. Evidently they kept me on file because I got a phone call today.

I have an interview with the Precertification dept manager at Wellpoint next week in Indianapolis. I'm excited because of this is an area of nursing that I want to learn about and excel at. I also would like the M-F schedule. I'm also very nervous because I don't have any UR experience. This job will involve doing pre-cert paperwork, chart reviews, etc.

Anyone have any experience in this? I'm just nervous because I don't know anyone who has done this kind of nursing. I also don't know what to expect from this industry. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!!

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Hi, good luck.

I know quite a few nurses who do UR and CM at Wellpoint --they enjoy it; the schedule and benefits are really good.

You will have all major holidays off, plus the day after Thanskgiving off-each yr. You may get the opportunity to work from home after 6 months to a year. The 10 or so nurses I know work from home with meetings held via conference call....even some training has taken place online w/ teleconferencing.

Good luck, just remember it is corporate America----as a nurse it may take some getting used to as with anything new.

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Thanks for the info! I accepted the job offer from Wellpoint and will be doing telephonic case management for members in 3 states. I am nervous about this because it is a different kind of nursing but excited because after 10 years, I finally get holidays and weekends off! :yeah:

Hi all..I'm new here, I find this site to be very helpful for me. I've been a nurse for two yrs and wrk in the er night shft andI still absolutely hate it. I would love to be able to get the opportunity to wrk for wellpoint. I have a daughter who is 1yr and a half and i would love to be athome at night with my husband and kid. All of my previous job before I was an RN were all office type setting and I absolutely loved them. I cry everyday before and after wrk. I thought id get through it after my first yr but my feelings havent changed. Reading this thread gave me hope adn realized there are other nuring jobs out there for me.

I was wondering how do you guys like th ejob so far and would I need a lot of experience as an RN to work for them for any position (am I qualified for any nursing position they have with less than 2 yrs expereince as an RN?)

I know this thread is a little old but I hope any response would be great. Thak you!

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@joanski, I'm still a newbie at my job but so far it's going well. My job required a minimum of 3 years of home care experience as a nurse case manager and experience with chronic disease management (CHF, COPD, cancers, etc). Honestly I was surprised to find that I had those qualifications...and for a job in the insurance industry, no less. I didn't have any preauthorization or utilization management experience, but am learning to do those tasks.

At this time I am still working in the office, working 8a-5p, and on occasion, 9a-6p when I am scheduled to work late since some of our states are in a different time zone. I get an hour for lunch, which is nice, since I'm not used to having time devoted to lunch! Working from home can start as early as 8 months after being hired, or as late as 1-1.5 years. It depends on a lot of factors (whether or not there's been a flood of others going home, if I get good scores on audits or can keep up with the pace of the caseloads, etc). Until I get to start working from home, I feel like I'm at school, all over again! Though I have an hour for lunch and can run out to run errands or meet someone for lunch, or get a hair cut. But considering I live an hour away from the office, I have to factor in what's nearby, travel time, parking logistics. Like in nursing school, it's just easier to stay on campus and grab a sandwich! LOL

Keep your eyes peeled on sites like CareerBuilder. There are always jobs posted for insurance companies and since managed care is needed more now than ever, you might find something that you can do with your ER background. As far as your experience, you never know...if your app and resume catches a recruiter's attention, you can always explain your experiences and assets for the job at hand. Good luck!!:lol2:

congratulations at your new job!!! an dthank you for your response...i'm curretnly applying at wellpoint...fingers crossed I hope to get an interview for their nurse medical management position.

hi nurseroro!!!!

i hope you see this message. you're the only one i can get some advice from in regards to working for wellpoint. i have tried posting up a thread on this site but never got a respond back.

wellpoint has contacted me in regards to a UR position. i'm torn b/c i dont want to leave my county job thats has good benefits for a private company i don't know anything about. i want to leave my er position soon b/c i don't know how much longer i can stay sane!

i was wondering if you can give me any ideas on wellpoint's pay, health benefits and retirement benefits. pm if u can .

thank you

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Congrats, I had a similar job, and I loved it. I left because we moved. You are entering a whole new world, but you will learn a lot. You do have some case management experience, so you are not going in cold. I am now doing the same sort of work in the field, working for the state. Good luck to you.

Hi everyone. I know this thread is a bit older, but I'm hoping to get some information if possible. I recently applied to Well point and my current status is under consideration. I was wondering if someone could tell me the usual hiring/recruiting process steps so that I can have at least half of a clue about where I stand. Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever hear back from wellpoint? I was offered a job with them on friday. But Im nervous because i dont know how much traveling there will be.

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