Interviewing while pregnant?

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Hi everyone, I'm 5 months pregnant and moving to a different state. I love psych nursing even though my only professional experience is in neuro I am trying to get a psych position in the state I'm moving to.

But here is the tricky part - I'm five months pregnant and showing quite a bit! Will anyone even hire me if I need to take a month or two off this February? I've been invited to interview in the state I'm moving too, but will they find a reason to not hire me when they see my stomach?

Do you think they will hire me if I prove I'm worth the investment?

Please any opinions would help!

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ugh, that's tricky. I was pregnant in nursing school, and when I got to my psych rotation they would not even let me out of the office. I would actually be afraid for you to work a unit that pregnant. I know where I work, there are a few patients that I can think off the top of my head that would love to see a new pregnant staff member. You would be their new favorite target. Can you wait until you give birth? If it was any other specialty, I would suggest wearing a suit jacket and trying to cover it up, and see if you get hired. Then, they can give you the time you need, but i don't know if I would risk it being in psych because you just never know what is going to happen. You could still interview, but even if they would decide to hire you, most facilities would have you on a probationary period that wouldn't be over by the time you needed to go on maternity leave. You are in a tricky situation :confused:

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