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Interviewing after passing nclex 1.5 years after graduation

Kokonu Kokonu (New) New

Hi there!

I just passed my boards yesterday and I'm completely over the moon! I'm a Canadian nurse and I graduated from an accelerated nursing program December 2016, so almost a year and half ago. However, I had trouble with the nclex and passed it just last week.

I am going to start applying for jobs and I wanted to know if employers will ask what has taken so long to be successful and then how can I answer this question in an interview???

Well I've never been asked about my exam or grades in an interview. I'm wondering if by your resume they will just see you graduated in 2016 and didn't work between now and then. You might want to get some good advice on how to answer that question Say from a former instructor, someone from your nursing regulatory board. Don't sweat it though lots of people take a bit longer with it. Also you took the new Nclex for Canadian nurses I assume? I've heard that was very hard.


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It's a pretty common question in my hospital. 'Did you pass on first writing? '

My last interview, I was even asked how soon after graduation did I start working! There's a lot of nurses out there for every interview and the interview questions are getting really interesting .