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Interviewing for ED nurse residency - will be getting married in middle of program

by rayem711 rayem711 (New) New

Hey everyone, I need some advice! I am interviewing for an ED nurse residency program (my #1 pick for my first nursing job). This program is set to start August 10th, and it’ll last 16 weeks long. My only problem with it, is I will be getting married October 24th and I will be going on my honeymoon soon after. Has anyone heard of getting denied a residency position because they were getting married and would need time off? I would ask for about 4 days off for the wedding, and my honeymoon is set for 2 weeks long. I’d have about 5 days between the wedding and when I’d leave for the honeymoon. I really hope they wouldn’t deny me a position solely because I would need a little bit of time off 😞 any advice on how and when to bring this up? My general research suggests that I should only bring it up at the time of the job offer (unless they ask about availability specifically during the interview, of course).

Oh and I would like to add also that my honeymoon has been booked for several months now (long before my job hunt even began), and I do have dates set in stone of when I would leave and come back.. I had heard that this is beneficial to me as I’m already prepared with dates and such and I’d be giving them plenty of notice, rather than being very vague by giving only possible/probable dates.