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Interviewed today

Well, I interviewed for the local prison job today...........is a correctional center, no longer a camp as I had thought...........was a little more like a production line than an interview, lol..........one nurse every half hour, then we all spent the next hour filling out med and procedure tests..............Interview was a round of medical questions..........that was about it.............lol............think I would have preferred the electrical type test sjoe mentioned............wish me luck.........don't think they were happy with me for stating that I was terminated for making too much noise about working 2-3 hours extra 3-4 times a week w/out pay in home health, but was only negative during interview.............


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Good luck. Corrections is a well-kept secret in healthcare, and is a very good place for many of us to work.

You might want to think about a positive way to talk about your refusing to work without being paid in the past, in case it comes up in future interviews--that is IF, for some reason, you need to mention this at all (and I would suggest that you DO NOT).

Anything you ever say in an interview about a past or current employer that is negative, such as their trying to cheat you out of your pay, etc.: 1) makes you sound like a whiner and 2) makes the prospective employer think you might spread negative statements about them some day. Whether the facts of a past job are true or not, you probably don't want to leave those kinds of impressions about yourself.

I agree, but haven't really found a way to state that I was terminated in a positive light..............Nursing Activism??? LOL, don't think anyone would appreciate that either...........Have heard from some of my references that they are checking..........is that good?


Has 15 years experience. Specializes in Corrections, Psych, Med-Surg.

If you held the questionable job for only a few months, simply leave it OFF your resume and applications. Say you were taking time off or doing some career evaluation in order to decide on a field of nursing (like that of the job your are seeking) where you can make your best contribution, if you need to account for the time.

(Yes, I know some of the members afflicted with terminal obsessive self-disclosure will disagree with me. All I can say is, "it works.")

Otherwise, do some reading about job interviewing (your local librarian should be able to suggest some books they have) and come up with a good way to account for leaving that job. Practice saying it, so it will be smooth in the interview.

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!! lol, a month later, i finally got notified..................thanks for all of your good vibes!!


Has 15 years experience. Specializes in Corrections, Psych, Med-Surg.

Now you get to see whether a part of your orientation includes those electrodes. You might find the hostage policy interesting, BTW.

does the hostage policy include electrodes too? lol

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