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Interview Tuesday, any tips?


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Well, I've been keeping my eye on the adn nursing faculty openings at a Tech school nearby and applied. I have an interview Tuesday. I'm working as a nurse practitioner and teach online courses part time for UOP but want to teach full time.

I'm supposed to do a 10 minutes presentation on wet to dry dressings with a target audience of new nursing students.

I'm actually nervous! I'm usually not worried about interviews but I don't want to mess this up as I really want the job.

Any tips from those of you who've been in the audience? I've very tech savy so will go with powerpoint.




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we had one presenter that would read the powerpoint word for word, and i would almost fall asleep. i found myself preoccupied with looking at how many slides were left rather than listen to her read. so my advice is: be engaging and don't read to your audience off the powerpoint. if you are nervous it might seem like that is the easiest way to remember all of it, but it becomes so predictable that the audience tunes out because they can read it on their own time at their own pace if they want later.

best of luck to you!

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agree with above. Make it as interactive as possible. Maybe create a game around the topic. Have CLEAR objectives (probably one 1-2 in that time frame) and state objective at the beginning. Narrow to 1-2 concepts and repeat key phrases. Good luck!


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Thanks you guys!

I took the advice. I used mostly images on the slides to force myself not to read word for word. I added objectives and a bit of humor.

The director said it was a great presentation and it felt as it things went well. I should have an answer in a couple of weeks.



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Hello you guys,

I got the job! Thanks for the tips. I am now a full time ADN faculty member.

I think this is my first emoticon.




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Congratulations! :)