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Hi everyone,

I am hoping I can get some advice. Tomorrow I am interviewing with Hospice. It is the one job out of many that I have applied for in the last few weeks that I really want! I have been reading about interviewing skills because it has been awhile since I have had one. I noticed that more often than not employers now use the behavioral interview process. I am a little worried about this as I am unsure how best to prepare for it. I have been self-employed for the last several years as a massage therapist. I noticed a lot of the sample questions were about how you got along with your supervisors, how you handled this type of situation, etc. I am not sure how to answer those types of questions as I don't feel they applied to my situation very well.

Also, I am dreading the "tell us about yourself" question. I have read that this is where you really need to "shine" and let the employer know why you are the best fit for the job. It is not a time to list a bunch of qualities like I am adaptable, organized etc. Nor a time to tell them all about your hobbies & home life. My question is as a new grad how do I express to them that I would be a good fit other than saying I have always wanted to work for Hospice?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I gathered a long list of potential questions (using google & a teacher gave me a list from our university). I typed out scenarios to use as an example for each question. For behavioral interviewing - and answering questions in general be sure to use examples (of critical thinking, teamwork, prioritization, the list goes on and on). That way scenarios were fresh in my mind to pull out for whatever question they asked. Good luck preparing!!


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wish you all the best!!

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