Interview Tips for nurse in Corrections Facility?


So, I have an interview next week for a corrections facility. I actually don't know much about the facility (will do some research), but I am more nervous about what they will ask me at the interview. Is it comparable to an interview at a hospital where they give you scenarios and give a med test or is it just to have you come in so they can see if you're the "type" to work within a correctional facility? I just don't want to be caught off guard and be thrown a RN question and totally choke! If anyone has any info, i'd greatly appreciate it!


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You may already have started this process, but if not, just know that most correctional facilities will also do a criminal background investigation, credit check, and a polygraph examination. As far as the polygraph test, be prepared that they may ask you a few very embarrassing questions. Since this is the best way to rattle someone's cage, so to speak. They don't care what you have done, they just want the truth. If they detect a lie, it raises a flag about your reliability and they may chose someone else for the job.

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You didn't say when your interview is this week or how long you're been a nurse, which would have been helpful info.

When I applied for a correctional nurse position, it was more me interviewing them than the other way around as they were impressed with my resume & previous work experience and really needed nurses. Many nurses don't want to work in corrections, and many cannot pass the background check, etc. I was then offered a job during the interview, contingent on passing the background check.

I did not follow through on the job offer due to the pay, the distance from my home, and not liking their screening process method. They did not require a polygraph exam but they did require an integrity screening. This screening consisted of pages and pages of personal information, and then a policeman interviewing you on the screening data to determine if you were ethical. I was told very few candidates passed this screening.


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Hi there! I have worked in a Correctional Facility for the last 10 years, & I love it...Along with the background check, (which is mainly a security issue) Most institutions like Nurses with Emergency Room experience , or at least hospital experience...You will be dealing with Trauma form time to time ,along with the Chest Pains, & everyday Clinic complaints.HTH

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