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Has anyone interviewed for a NP position , and not been interviewed by any of the medical staff, only with the head of HR, the clinical director who was a BSN and a handful of other nurses and administrative personal. I'm asking because I had two rounds of interviews was offered the position but have not even met my collaborative physician.

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It took a total of 8 interviews over 5 different days for me to land this job. I was interviewed by various HR personnel in the 1st and 2nd rounds, and then clinical personnel in the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds. I met with four of the in-office providers, and had one interview with the in-office support staff, whom are always given an opportunity to weigh in on all potential new hires. At the time I thought it was a PITA, but I came to appreciate it as being necessary to vet the best candidates. I wouldn't agree to take the job until you feel confident you can work well with your would be colleagues.


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None of those I interviewed with will work with me directly . It's a large organization and it just seems odd to me.


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I think its odd too. I just posted about my experiences with getting offers from people you won't be directly working with and how you should take these offers with a HUGE grain of salt. You should also want to meet the MDs you'll be spending a lot of your time with! See if you can arrange this meeting with the nurse manager and then get it in writing!!

Did you ask to meet them? Perhaps they're away for some reason. I had the quickest interview with my physician as he was heading out the door for a vacation. I was pretty much hired by the other staff and the CNO.