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So i just found out that the nursing program i want to get in, is giving me an interview!! But its a group interview! Does any one have any tips on how to do really well on this interview? Thank youuu :))


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I have an nursing program interview coming up as well and I believe it is also a group one. :) What program are u interviewing for?


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Hi there! I researched for hours on this website for people who had already been interviewed so I could get an idea of what was asked. Before I had my interview last month, I wrote out questions I thought would be asked, based on what I read online from previous students. Questions like, why do you want to be a nurse? Why did you pick this school? What are your weaknesses/strengths? Discuss a time when you were in the wrong and how did you make up for it. Your typical questions. I just studied my Q&A hardcore until my interview. As luck would have it, they did not ask me any of the questions I had studied. Just be confident, speak clearly, and interact with them. Also, dress professionally ;) and have a question ready to ask your interviewing panel..something that shows you really studied their school and want to be their student. Try not to be nervous. Easier said than done, but they are just regular people too!

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