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Interview, reference check..did I get duped?

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This is my first post on Allnurses..I've read many on here for guidance and advice but never felt the need to ask for feedback until now.

I interviewed for a job in early June..was told at that time interviews were taking place over a 10 day period so it could be a few weeks before I would hear anything..I sent a "thank you" etc. I was contacted about a week later by one of the people who was in the interview and was asked for my references. Several of my references contacted me telling me they had been contacted within a few days of my providing them to this person. A week passed and I hadn't heard anything from the employer so I emailed asking if there was any update on my application status..the contact person responded that the reference checks were forwarded to management and a decision would be made from there who they want to continue the application process with. It's now been another week with nothing. I am not going to contact them again obviously but what surprised me is they took their time to check references AND took the time of the references I provided without now seeming serious about moving forward with hiring me. There is only one point of contact for this position so there is no one else to check with. I was very hopeful up until this point but now feel like I've wasted my time and the time of my references. I've interviewed and held several jobs over the years..normally one or two interviews then if they are interested a reference check then job offer tentative on the reference checks etc. or letting me know they aren't interested before reference checks are done..Is this the new way hiring is done? Reference checks without any tentative offer?

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The manager could go on vacation.

They could find someone else.

The HR could close the position without hiring anyone.

They could sieve things down to two candidates and ask them both for references, then choose another one.

Grandkid of manager's BFF's BFF could just graduated from nursing school.


There is still a possibility that they will call but the lesson for you to keep from now on is not count a job as "yours" till you actually holding signed agreement in your hands. And, yeah, they will waste others' time like dirt.

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