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Interview Questions


Specializes in Education, Skills & Simulation, Med/Surg. Has 6 years experience.

I am in a MSN program and I need to interview an advanced practice nurse. My 5 questions have been approved. Unfortunately, the nurse I was going to interview backed out and my assignment/write-up of the project is due on Saturday. Is there any advanced practice nurses that would be willing to answer my 5 questions in the next few days?

1. Describe you work experience prior to becoming an advanced practice nurse.

2. Describe how your previous work experience led you to becoming an advance practice nurse. Has that experience helped you in as advanced practice nurse?

3. How is nursing theory utilized in your day to day practice? Does any on theory in

particular guide your practice?

4. How is do you utilize evidence-based practice in your current role?

5. Do you feel your current role fully utilizes your knowledge and abilities as an advanced practice nurse?

Please feel free to PM me answers or PM me for my e-mail if you prefer. Thank you!!