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I have my rad tech interview next Monday and I am trying to prepare a little for it. For those of you who have had interviews for school, what kinds of questions did they ask you? How did you respond? Were you accepted? Thanks in advance!



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Relax and don't sweat it. Think to yourself "what would I be asking all these people if I were the interviewer?" Then ask yourself what you would expect to hear. In general they are going to want to see if you learn, have an interest in the subject and are confident. Go dressed for a business interview. Go easy on the makeup, easy on the perfume, and sensible shoes. Shake hands confidently and maintain good eye contact. Dont do a stare down though, thats creepy. Keep answers short and to the point. If they want you to elaborate they will ask you to go on. If your too chatty you will appear a bit flighty. Get a good rest the night before so you appear well rested. Smile and (now this is the secret) ask them a few pertinent questions. They usually arent used to this and you will stick out in their mind in a positive light. Its not easy for the interviewer to talk with all those people. They are nervous also. Be kind to them and thank them for talking with you.

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