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Hello! I have an interview this week for a school nurse position at an elementary school. I have never done school nursing before, and would appreciate feedback to anyone who can give me an idea of some of the typical questions that may be asked. Thank you!

You can expect to be asked to triage scenarios. So if you have a diabetic feeling shaky, the principal calling your phone, a "head" injury from the play ground, daily med to give out, an asthmatic complaining of chest pain, and a teacher wanting you to do head lice checks on her entire class...what order would you do things. Also one question might evaluate whether or not you have the confidence to call CPS. Management of over baring interfering teacher management or parents might also come into play. Understand you are a voice or the face of the district at times of difficulty and you must represent them all as the professional you are. GL

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I also have an interview but it will be for a position that covers all school ages. I've been trying to think of conditions and situations I should brush up on so I don't freeze up. I feel pretty solid on the things that come readily to mind. Diabetes, asthma, allergies, drug abuse and overdose, abuse (not afraid to call CPS), teen pregnancy... what else I should be thinking about?

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