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Interview process

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I have read many of the previous posts on this website, however I am curious to know what is a good answer to the "why do you want to work in critical care question"

I had a phone interview yesterday. And she asked me that question, I said because I enjoyed my ICU rotation, I want to be the best I can be and critical care is where I see myself at my top performance level. Due to the high acuity of patients and the constant changes. She said my answer was too generic. Which is understandable I just do not know how to formulate a better answer.

I am definitely anal retentive, I pick up on little details and I definitely have some form of OCD. I work hard and fast, but accurately. I rarely miss anything. I try to be humble and ask for help when I do not know what to do. I like to problem solve and seek out new ways of going about something if the way I have done it in the past does not work.

I am simply at a loss and I do not want to blow the panel interview, because I will get that since I work at the hospital already. Would appreciate ANY kind of advice. Thank you

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Word it differently but tell them/her everything you just said in your second paragraph. If you have a passion for critical care that is helpful too. Be honest, don't stress and be yourself. Interviews are hard, but they are like NCLEX questions, don't overthink, go with your gut and there is no "perfect" answer to the questions, because we are not machines we are people. And good luck on your interview.


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Thank you for the advice. I would imagine that since I passed NCLEX this will be just as hard, but passable. I have been reviewing interview questions. The what to wear portion is done. I just have a hard time with questions such as describe a time when you acted quickly to a change in pt status, or give an example of when you made a quick decision, what were the results? These types of questions I am sure they want an answer from nursing school, but honestly the exposure I got was lack-luster at best. I have plenty of examples of when I worked with horses for 6 years, but they most likely won't see that as compatible. Thank you for the tip! I appreciate it.