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*do not post on facebook*Tomorrow I have an interview with the head nurse and her superior at the same time. However, there are many candidates interviewing for the job probably some more qualified than me. I am a socially awkward person and can easily have turd mouth when speaking. I am so nervous! This interview has got me a nervous wreck because it's something Ive really wanted and needed! I interviewed about 4 years ago and remember the interview was long and tough w/multiple interviewers. I don't remember any specifics about the interview, obviously didn't get the job- since i'm In the unfortunate situation in having to interview again. But also fortunate that they are giving me another opportunity. I always had wondered why I didn't get the job bc I had a pretty good feeling once I left considering they were leading me to believe I had a good shot. Anyways what i'm looking for is tell me

how your interview went, did you choke up

on a question, what made you feel you didn't or

did get the job or advice. Thanks!

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