Interview HELP!


Hi guys! I have an interview at St. E's on November 15th and I'm super nervous! I've read every thread on here but I also realize these are from a few years ago! Any updated people who have also recently interviewed within the last year or who can give me some tips about the interview process?? It would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!! ???


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Hi, I can't give you any specific advice about the hospital you're interviewing at, but one of the things that helped me was this YouTube video (assuming you're a new grad):

At first, I thought her idea of ending the interview with saying that she was very thankful for the interviewer's time and how interested she was in the hospital sounded too desperate, but I tried it and it seemed to work. I think it's overall a good video. The more interviews you go, the better you'll become at them. The things that I try to most emphasize is that 1) I've done my research and I'm a good fit for the position and hospital 2) I'm dedicated to "customer service", nursing and improving myself as a RN and 3) I plan on staying at the facility long term. The hardest part is to relax! Every interview that I've been on has been different; some interviewers grill you on details and others do more talking than actually asking questions. A lot of times, you'll be interviewing before more than one person and they usually give you a tour of the unit. I think this is a good opportunity to show your interest.

Good luck on your interview. Just practice sample interview questions until they come out naturally.