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Ok I was recently terminated and I am applying to various other places. I sit in the interview just hoping that they don't ask what happened and why I don't have a job or why I am searching? Please don't ask because I have no idea what to say. I learned that hospital nursing may not be my cup of tea. I get overwhelmed, stressed, and overloaded when I can plan things to happen .. I learned some positive things out of it... but I was terminated. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make that a positive so that someone will give me a second chance?:confused:

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Dear Peaceful,

First, tell the truth. It shows a propective employer that you have integrity. If it comes up in conversation, acknowledge the ending in the most positive light you can. Think in terms of being grateful for the life and professional lesson. Most nurses have had a job snag or two if they've been in the profession for any length of time. It's human. A prospective employer knows this. But you must also take a step back and consider what led to the termination to begin with and consider what you can do to avoid such action in the future. Hospital nursing isn't for everyone who is a nurse. It's stressful and rarely gets less stressful. You might also look at other areas for employment that you may find more suitable, like schools, offices, clinics, etc. You might also consider getting a background check done on yourself before you apply for another job, just to see what your former employer is saying about you. Most laws restrict what info can be released.

Best of luck as you take your next steps!