Interview help!



I have been called for my first real interview and it's at CHOP to boot, so I'm SUPER nervous and scared. What should I expect during an interview and what things should I make sure I exhibit in myself? Other than the obvious, be yourself, be honest, type of stuff.

Any help would be, well, help. Thanks!

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interview tips:

First knock the door and asked permission to enter the room

Start It off winner offer your hand and give firm shake.

Give a pleasant smile.

Be confident and show positive attitude towards the boss.

Introduce your self.

Be comfortable.

Face the interviewer confidently.

Listen effectively.

Have a good eye contact.

Speak clearly.

Sit straight.

Use good grammar.

Always clarify, don't say yes or no.

Never complain about your past employees.

Do not argue on any matter.

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