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Hi there.. I have a question for you guys... I have an interview on Monday with the county jail and I was wondering about what type of questions you may think that I may have with the interview?:eek:

I have some background with correctional nursing, an internship that I did when I was in school. It was only for about 3 weeks.

Got any suggestions and answers....;)


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I wish you luck with your interview. I just started doing correctional nursing since July 2002 and I like it. Everyday is different and treating the officers and inmates with respect is important. A question they might ask would be,"Why do you want to work as a nurse in corrections?". I would ask the interviewer, how many inmates are usually held in the jail and what type of medical care do the get. I hope you like corrections. The internship you had will be helpful!! Good luck!! Keep us posted!!:)

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