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Hello everyone:

I just found out yesterday that I have an interview at Gooding Instiitute in Panama City, Florida in 2 weeks. If you interviewed there, what type of questions did they mainly ask: personal or clinical. Examples of questions? How was the exam? What was your impression of the process? How soon after the interview did you find out? Were you accepted? Did you accept their offer?

Current students: What is your favorite part about the program? Least favorite? Would you recommend this program to your best friend? Please describe typical day.

Graduates: Did you feel the program prepared you well? Did you pass the boards on the first attempt? If you had to do it over again, would you choose Gooding? Why or Why not?

Thank you so much, in advance! Of course you may add anything else you deem important to the subject matter.


Desperately wanting to pass gas :o

I have an interview there on the 28th. Was hoping you would get some bites on your post!

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How did your interview go? I am looking into that program too!

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I know it's been a year since this post but how did your interviews go? Did you all get in and quit posting? How was the interview? How do you like the school if you did get in? Pros/Cons

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