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Hi! I am a new RN. I started working immediately after graduation in the summer of 2011. I had two per diem jobs as an RN for over a year. This week I was offered a Part time spot at one job with their full knowledge of my condition. I did post my resume online and left it active in hopes of a full time spot. I'm happy with my flexible hours and mom duties. However, I am 24 weeks (6 months ish) pregnant. Last night I was offered a job interview from a recruiter who found my resume online. I did not apply. I set up an interview only because I owe myself the experience and it sounds like a dream job for a nurse (8am-4pm)! I understand that I am NOT obligated to reveal my pregnancy, however I will be rolling in there with a large uterus!! I did work in hospitals as a non RN, and during my second pregnancy I was offered a great job in a hospital at 10 weeks pregnant. I wasn't even telling family yet. Once I started work, I did tell that I was pregnant. I intended on only taking 6 weeks to recover, but then back to work FULLTIME. I worked with 3 Female managers, and 10 other females peers. I was hired because I out shinned other candidates (said the supervisor). Yet, all made it unbearable to work there because they felt betrayed that I was hired pregnant. It was emotionally crippling and not the way I wanted to bring a child into the world. I did not return (I went to nursing school though), so thanks ladies.

My questions:

1) I'm obviously pregnant, so when is the best time to reveal I'm actually pregnant? During the interviews because it is so obvious? Wait to see if I get an offer? Afterwards?

2) If I accept the hypothetical offer, I will work Dec, Jan, Feb, late March I'm due so I will be off probation, but not qualify for FMLA ( I get that you need 12 months or X amount hours to qualify). But will I keep my job if I take off for 6 weeks to recover? I know it will be unpaid, but I also know I wont be cleared by my doctor until 6 weeks.

This is best case scenario. I know that so many variables play into this (bed rest, C-section, complications, illness) so far with my third baby I have never had anything go wrong. I just don't want to accept the offer, and be left jobless with a new baby. I want to be fair to myself and my employers current and future.


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Congrats on the baby!! The interviewer can't ask if you're pregnant. I'd be honest with them and let them know your plans to return as soon as the 6-week postpartum checkup is done. They still may choose someone else because they'll figure that you'll have frequent infant checkups at the pediatrician and childcare issues, but I'd rather be honest than get hired and drop a bombshell. All that said, it might hurt your chances. I decided not to return to my previous employer after my maternity leave was up and now that my baby's 10 months old I'm looking to get back to work. Actually, been looking since he was almost 6 months, but. . .when they ask why I left my last job, I tell them why--stayed home after maternity leave but am more than ready and willing to return to work. Like I said, I've been looking for 5 months now, so it could be the baby thing. I actually had one doc ask me who would watch my baby and what would happen if he was sick, because he had a previous employee miss a lot of time with her sick baby and he didn't want to risk that again. Good luck!!


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Thanks. I think honesty is really best. Even if I don't get the job.


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Oh we'll went on my interview. I was not impressed with the place. I didn't even get a chance to tell them about my pregnancy it was such a rushed interview.