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Interview for Family Birthing Center

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Hello Everyone!!

I received a call from my local hospital for an interview for their family birthing center. I am very very excited because this position is a dream of mine! I am being interviewed for labor and delivery and postpartum care. Please comment if anyone has any tips or advice as to what I am to expect before my interview! As well, if any potential questions that I can expect! Thank you in advance!!


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RunBabyRN has 2 years experience and specializes in L&D, infusion, urology.

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Welcome to AN! There should be a ton of posts on this topic if you peruse the forum.

Also, a friendly heads up, you may want to remove your name from your post. This is a very public forum, and anonymity is highly encouraged here.

Good luck with your interview! I have one myself tomorrow in LDRP!

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