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Hi Everyone! I recently applied for an ER job, and I found out today that I was selected for a job interview, I am coming from a strictly Medical (cardiology, stroke, exac. resp illnesses etc) background, and I am unsure of what types of questions will be asked in the interview?

Anything at all will help!

Thank You All!!

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How will you deal with time management, prioritization, stress etc. What will you do when you're feeling overwhelmed? Why do you think you will be a good fit in the ER? How will your background/experience help you in this setting?

Oh yeah, I should add, they asked some questions about my delegation skills and dealing with techs (or nursing assistants depending on your unit). How I would deal with delegating tasks and issues with techs I'm "in charge" of. I use this loosely because we work as a team and I don't consider anyone to be underneath me.

That's what I encountered. They asked me a lot of questions to see if my personality and "pace" would fit the ER. Also, come prepared with questions. They asked me if I had any... I came with a list to get a better feel for the job and to seem more interested. I think I asked: What personality attributes does a good ER nurse usually have? What's the typical nurse to patient ratio? Just general questions to feel the unit out and see what they were looking for in a candidate.

Luckily for me, it was a good match on both ends.

I literally just had an interview for ER today was hired on the spot! I'm also a new grad. They asked me what I thought a day looked like in the ER, how I handle conflict, how I handle being in charge of others, what I would do if the patient was being rude/angry, why I want to work in the ER.. Etc.

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The ratio one is good. Ask about how breaks are covered. Are there standing orders? How long is orientation? What is the policy on throughput after admission order placed or bed assigned?

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