Interview with El Camino Hospital, Mountain View CA


I will have an interview with El Camino Hospital in Mountain View CA. This is my dream hospital to work at. So I am very excited.

My background: A year of outpt ambulatory. A year of ICU exp in a very busy teaching hospital in the South. Combined Neuro/Medical/CCU pt population. I am pretty strong with my Neuro ICU pts, then Medical, then Cardiac. However, we don't take care of Open heart or Surgical ICU pts on my unit that much. On the posting says preferred exp on Open Heart surgery.

I'm not so sure how high acuity is for El Camino's ICU.

Not sure what they are looking for in a candidate. Cannot find a lot of info on their ICU either. Any feedbacks anyone? Thanks.

And do you know anything about their panel interview process?


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Did you get the job? I'm actually sitting right now in the El Camino cafeteria lol.


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Hi TurtleLittle.

Hoping you get this message with a reply in time before my interview. I know this was posted on January 2015 but I was hoping you could give me some insight as to how the interview process with El Camino Hospital was for you.

How was the panel interview process? What questions to expect? What patient demographic does their ICU mainly handle?

Your feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you!