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I have an interview for a doctor's office position. I was just wondering what kind of questions I will be asked. Does anyone have any suggestions?


The type of questions you may be asked depends on the physicians medical specialty.

Also, the physician may not be the person who interviews so you may need to be prepared to "defend" your nursing skills to a non-nurse.

However, you can expect questions regarding previous work expereince, how those experinces will enable you to perform as an office nurse, and how much of your day are you able to give to this new position. Keep in mind most office nurses work longer hours than 8 to 5 so make sure your children/husband are taken care of for the evening in case you have to work late.

The physician will most certainly ask what your salary and benefit requirements are. Be prepared to negotiate! Remember that YOU may have questions to ask ie; new skills required,how many pts. are seen on average day, will you be supervising anyone, whom do you report to directly.

Hope this helps all nurses who select a job in a doctors office..Good Luck!

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Hi-was wondering how your interview for the office went? I am a LPN with 12 years hospital work and am due to go on a few interviews next week-what kind of questions were you asked? Did you get the job?

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