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Interview Attire: Cleveland Clinic New Grad

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by hale_storm hale_storm (New) New

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HI, I have 3 back to back interviews with shadowing at Cleveland Clinic main campus (SICU, CVICU and Cardiac Step-down).

I have been wearing business professional to my other interviews then changing into my scrubs for shadowing, but that was when I only had one interview per day. 

IS IT OK TO WEAR SCRUBS TO THE WHOLE INTERVIEW? I am concerned about my timing to get changed multiple times.

I was told to wear my scrubs for these interviews at Cleveland Clinic but I just wanted to see if anyone else has any experience here with this 


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maybecaturday is a BSN, RN and specializes in BMT/Oncology.

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scrubs are fine! It’s really awkward when the shadows aren’t in scrubs bc you’re following us around into rooms. Saves us from having to explain to every patient and family member who you are too. 
Good luck!

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