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Okay so I am kind of nervous. I had a interview with Mount Notre Dame Nursing Home in Cincinnati, Ohio about a week ago. The person doing the interview told me that after she did all of her interviews that she would call and let everyone know. Well, its been about a week and I havent heard anything. I was wondering if I should call her?

Also, I have a interview tomorrow at Mongomery care center in Cinninati for a STNA position as well. I am nervous as all get out. I mean I really need this job or any job for that matter. Does anyone on here have any tips?

They're most likely going to ask you why you want to be an STNA/work at their facility. I think it's good to come up with something personal; for me it was that a family member had major surgery and they way the nurses took care of them in the hospital is really what got me interested in the profession. They also actually do ask what you know about their company. I made the mistake of thinking that interviewing for an STNA position is less serious than an RN and didn't do my research. They asked what I knew and I did my best to kind of BS my way through the question but I'm sure she saw through me. I ended up getting hired somewhere else, but you always want to be prepared. Everything else is just common sense things; dress professionally, be on time, smile, be friendly, etc. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great : )

Just an update. I got the job at Mongomery Care Center

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