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I've been an inpatient oncology nurse for nearly five years. I've always worked as an oncology nurse, and I have both a chemotherapy/biotherapy certification and my OCN. I've always wanted to do ICU nursing, but it's difficult to get your foot in the door sometimes. However, my hospital is now offering an ICU fellowship program for experienced nurses. I applied to the MICU fellowship and I was invited to interview for one of the positions on Wednesday. I'm really nervous! ICU nursing has always been my dream job, and I finally have the opportunity to interview for a position.

Do y'all know what kind of questions they'll ask? Any interview advice in general? I've been practicing questions by recording myself, and tomorrow I'm practicing with my mom via facetime.

Any advice/tips are greatly appreciated!!

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Simple clinical questions that we like to ask for an adult CVICU:

-explain the different types of shock (eg septic shock, hemorrhagic, cardiogenic, distributive, etc). What do these patients look like? What are initial interventions for them?

-give an example of a time you escalated/advocated for a patient's clinical situation (eg rapid response/code situation)

Just do your best, try to relax and let your enthusiasm and knowledge shine through. Listen to what the people interviewing you are saying. Good questions to ask your interviewers are: what your orientation would be like (length of time, experience on both day shift & night shift, weekly classes, how many preceptors will you have (having a couple preceptors is good so that you see different styles, but too many preceptors make it challenging for you to get your feet on the ground.)


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They'll ask you about your strengths and weaknesses and want examples of instances where you've displayed said characteristics.

They'll ask why you're leaving your current care area and why you want to come to ICU.

They'll ask you to tell them about a time when you were faced with adversity or a 'difficult situation' and what you did about it.

Basically they want to ensure that you're a team player, don't think you know everything, and don't have plans to jump ship within a year just when you're starting to get competent. Just looking for managerial 'red flags', if you will.


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Thanks! I just now saw this. Fortunately I got the job and attended my first orientation day today! :)


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Thank you for the advice! I'm just now seeing your comment because I'm horrible at checking this account. I got the job and started orientation today! :)


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Wishing you all the best in your new role.