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Interview A Nurse: A School Project

Good day everyone, I'd like to ask for help regarding my school project which is to interview at least one registered nurse. Since I don't know any from my family and friends here in the Philippines, I'd like to reach out and ask for help. I'm a first year college nursing student from Arellano University Jose Abad Santos Campus. We were tasked by our professor to interview a nurse for our Health Care Industry and Theoretical Foundations in Nursing first semester project. I hope this reaches you out, thank youuuuu?

I only have three questions to ask:

1. What is nursing for you?

2. What are the roles of nurses based on your experience? 

3. What could you advise for future nurses? 

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Ill try to help you out:

1. What is nursing for you? Nursing is a wonderful career. I've been a nurse for 30+ years. I enjoy helping people and as I'm very experienced, I enjoy it much more. 

2. What are the roles of nurses based on your experience? I started out in med-surg for a couple of years, then did medical ICU and some urology clinic work. Then we moved to another state and I did level one ER for 10 years (my most favorite position). I became an advanced practice nurse in 2006 and I've been a nephrology APRN since then (my best-paying position)

3. What could you advise for future nurses? Realize that when you get out of nursing school, you won't know everything. It's important to ask before you do if you don't understand the task. Be humble and kind. 

Best of luck

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I have been a RN in pediatrics for 20 years, and I'll take a swing at your questions.

1. What is nursing for you?

It might sound cheesy, but nursing has never been "just" a job for's become a big part of my identity. A part of what makes me my authentic self. Nursing is about caring, yes, but also for advocating, educating and looking at the entire person rather than looking at the disease first. I have been there for the joyous beginnings as well as the tearful ends, and everything in between. I heard a speaker once say that while the nurses might not be the reason why the patients choose to seek care, we are what they remember. While I won't say it's all been sunshine and rainbows, I will never regret becoming a nurse. 

2. What are the roles of nurses based on your experience? 
Nurses serve in a variety of settings. From hospital bedsides, outpatient clinics, infusion centers, patient homes, schools, jails, mobile clinics, law enforcement, government, and  even the courtroom. Caregivers, educators, advocates, advisors, these are a few of the roles of the nurse.

3. What could you advise for future nurses? If you have a passion for a particular population, then do whatever you can to pursue that passion! When I was a new grad I had SO many professors and older nurses telling me that "new grads don't belong in peds" or that I would need to "serve my time" in med/surg first....but I knew that working in peds was as my calling, and I didn't want anything else. I said I would go anywhere if I could work in peds...and I did. And never looked back.

The second piece of advice I'd give you is that it's also okay if you don't know ? The great thing about nursing is that nurses are everywhere, and if you start with one thing and do not like it, there is usually a move you can make.

Third: it's OK to say "No.” when I was a new nurse I used to feel guilty when I couldn't pick up overtime....but it's okay to set boundaries and have time away from work. 

Lastly, find ways to try and be present when you are at work, but find ways to heal and disconnect when you are not. Outside of seeing a therapist and working out, I would keep whatever I could keep for work at work if possible (ex: shoes, stethoscope, etc). When I would leave, I would think about how I was leaving those things behind to head home. That visual helped me. 

Good luck on your project!

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