Interstitial markings on x ray


I am a nursing student writing a care plan and am having a hard time explaining the results of this x ray. It says "mild chronic accentuation of the interstitial markings but no acute infiltrate or pleural effusion demonstrated." This patient has a history of CHF, COPD, and >100 pack-year. I am unclear on what interstitial markings means and which aspect of his history this is related to.

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"Interstitial markings " means that lung tissue has become fibrotic... as a result of some sort of inflammation or infection. So there is less healthy tissue... which means that pulmonary function is abnormal. The absence of infiltrate or effusion means that there is no pulmonary condition that should be addressed by an acute intervention.

That's all I'm gonna give you - now, do your homework. You should be able to figure out the appropriate nursing dx and intervention from there - LOL.