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Internships before licensure


I would like to work as an intern in a hospital as I finish my nursing school education. I see it as a way to supplement my clinical experience, boost my confidence, learn how a particular unit works, and network.

Any thoughts on this? Did anyone work as an intern before they were graduated and licensed? What kind of work did you actually do? How did the RNs you worked with view your inquiring presence on the floor?


littlemammanurse, BSN, RN

Specializes in PP, Pediatrics, Home Health.

I worked at a foot care clinic, and I would go around with the RPN's and get to help doing foot care.I mostly taped dressings, or got supplies ready,I learned the mechanics of the clinic, got to know the patients that type of thing.When a position became available they gave it to me because I was already working there.

I think its a great idea, gives you a feel for the floor and whether you think its really for you or not.

classicdame, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Hospital Education Coordinator.

I think it is a great idea if you can find the position. Some hospitals are no longer budgeting for this "short term" position, since they are not hiring many new grads. No experience is ever wasted. Good luck!

Thanks everyone!