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Internship Suggestions for Psych


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I'm a undergrad BSN student working hard to plan out my career path and I'm very interested so far in becoming a MHPNP and I'm making plans to work as a psych RN while applying to grad school.

I was considering applying to some internships for summer of 2017 and wondered if anyone here had some suggestions for places to apply to that would give me a great boost on an Psych NP program application. I am ready to dedicate my summer to wherever I end up, but there are so many internships I am overwhelmed where to start. I'm in the Philly/NJ area and would be willing to travel a bit for a great opportunity.

Where do you think I would learn the most or have you had any great experiences as an intern you want to share?

Thanks for your thoughts.

There are a ton of Psych facilities in the area, you could start off by applying to them...I don't know of any Psych residencies but working as a tech would give you some good experience. PM me if you would like some more specific opinions about the area.

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Mennniger in Houston has offered new grad residencies in the past, but I don't know if they still are. A piece of advice - don't share your plans about using the residency experience as a stepping stone to grad school. Transition-to-practice programs are expensive, so they are looking for applicants who will stay a while. Many programs require a signed agreement for at least a 2-year employment commitment.