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Internship programs for critical care nursing?

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Hello all,

Though I am still working on my BSN, I would like to start learning about potential next steps now. Has anyone experienced going through an internship program for critical care nursing? Can you recommend any of them to me? Is it realistic to look for a job in critical care nursing with only a BSN, or does it make sense to make the transition through an internship program? I am willing to move anywhere for a good program.

If you have any specifics of what places offer internships (i.e., names of the university and/or hospital), it would be hugely helpful to me. Google is turning up a few options, but I'd like on-the-ground experience.


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That is an excellent idea Jose. With a shortage of skilled workers in nursing but also other professions, the internship would stand as the go between the knowledge and the clinic. What has happened to the apprenticeship programs anyway? For the new RN an internship or apprenticeship would give the hospital and physicians the experience that they are looking for in an employee and the much needed experience to the new RN. Make the apprenticeships/internships last about 6-12 months and during that time the provider has the apprentice and the apprentice is getting the much needed experience at the same time. What do you think? It just might be something that could be accomplished. Especially right now with a shortage of skilled workers.


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Your best bet is probably going to be at major university medical centers. Look at some of the major cities in some of the states around you or in states where you have connections or to which you wouldn't mind moving.

Best of luck!