Internationally educad nurse in BC, Canada. Fresh graduate needing advice and tips.

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I graduated highschool in BC at 14 yrs old. I enrolled in the nursing program of two colleges only to be turned down and advised to wait another year because I was too young for college and too young to avail of student loan. I wanted to start my college education so I opted to go back to the country I was born which was in the Philippines. After four years I graduated from Nursing with honors, passed the Nursing Licensure Exam in that country and now I am back in Canada in the process of transferring my credentials to become a nurse here as well.

Looking at the requirements it's just so overwhelming. If there are any internationally educated nurses out there who have finished all these and are finally nurses here in BC. Or if there are nurses out there who know about the process and such. I just wanted to ask, are ALL internationally educated nurses REQUIRED to take the $2000 competency exam? And if so, what exactly should we study for the written, oral and demo exam? I looked online and its not that specific and I have no idea what to do for the demo/practical exam and what are the topics asked for the written exam. Also, ive heard of people who didnt do that well on the exam and are required to study again? If so, how long do u study for and what usual subjects do u have to study before u can finally take the NCLEX here in BC?

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Until you go through NNAS and the provincial college reviews your application it is difficult to say whether you have to do anything else

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