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International student taking pre reqs for ADN in sacramento


Can someone help me in finding a university or school around Sacramento California for me to take the pre requisites on taking ADN. I have a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy and wants to take another degree. Below are the list of pre reqs;


Human Anatomy

Human Physiology


Hum Dev (Lifespan)

General Psychology

English Composition


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I would try a local community college. There are a few in/near Sac: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=sacramento%20community%20colleges

Any particular reason you want to do your ADN and not your BSN? The market in Sac is much better for BSNs than ADNs, and it's a tough market as it is, especially for new grads. The better you can set yourself up, the better your chances of finding work when you graduate. There are accelerated programs, or traditional programs (like Sac State). What area of nursing do you want to pursue? If you don't want to do acute care (hospital), then your ADN may suffice.

I am thinking to either get bsn or adn. Thank you for your advice. In future i would like to work in hospitals too. I am just really confuse right now especiLly being a intl student. On getting bsn is there a pre reqs too?? Your such a big help to me.. Again thank you


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Take a look at Sac State's BSN program. They have a website that lists all of the prereqs. There will be only one or two that will be different than an ADN program (for example, BSN programs require statistics, which is not required for most ADN programs in CA). You'll have to take anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, etc. for either type of program. Make sure your English skills are up to par, as there are a lot of papers to write in school, and you will lose credit for grammatical and spelling errors.

Being not physically in sacramento makes me more harder on researching for school that accepts students on taking just pre-requisites, can you please give me an insights to which schools are they?? I am decided on taking BSN rather than ADN as it gives me more opportunities for work.


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I'm not in Sacramento, either, but you can Google a lot of this. Also, check out the California forum (under the U.S. tab along the top), as you may get some insight there. Any of the community colleges will allow you to take your prereqs. You can then transfer to a university for your BSN.