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    My bother recently graduated and passed NLE in the Philippines. He is planning to work in Houston, TX (God willing) but is confused of what steps to follow. He just started his review for CG CP but found out that is not necessary anymore instead he needs CES. Then now since he paid 40% down for the review in which is non-refundable someone suggested to pursue his review for NCLEX. I read that TX BON requires 2yrs of work experience or 4yrs of FEN (??) before a license is given. I don't think it's smart thing to process CES he's not eligible for NCLEX. Umm.. I guess I'm confused as he is. I don't know of any filipino nurse in Houston and I badly need clarifications, suggestions, input and advise before we put money into it. With the recession and everything ugh!

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    New grads can apply for license. He needs to meet requirements for foreign trained nurse for Texas. Also needs to be aware of retrogression as will be affected. Not sure what sort of visa he is hoping to get but H1b is specialist and H1c is due to be reviewed at the end of the year with no indication that it will be renewed and as a new grad may not meet requirements

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