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  1. I will be graduating in December, and there is a good chance that my husband will be transfered to work in Brussells. I am nervous about being a new grad and trying to find work. I will be able to get 6 months experience before I leave. Has anyone every tried to work overseas like this?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    First, it will depend on if you will also get a visa that will permit you to work, spousal visas for another country do not always permit this. You will need to follow up with your husband's company to see what they can do for you along these lines, or you will need to go thru the immigration process yourself.

    Your next issue is that you will need to apply for licensure to their equivalent of a Board of Nursing, as well as take their licensure exam for nursing in their language. You will need their nursing license to practice. And unfortunately, you will need to have a completed set of transcripts before you can begin the application process.

    The process usually can take about 18 months or so, if you need to complete the immigration visa part. Hope that this helps.................
  4. by   Huachuca
    If we get the posting, we will be attached to the Us embassy there, and I will be considered a trailing spouse. There are a few military bases there, as well as the embassy, and NATO headquarters. I did a student nurse job at the local VA, and they had told me that I could work under my US license at an American Government Facility. So, I guess it would be like working for the foreign service...but I am not sure. If I worked on the local economy I would need to learn French, at the very least, as well as get licensed there...If we are posted there it could be for as short a time as three I was thinking my best bet would be with the government, somehow... Thanks for the answer. It confirmed what I had been thinking.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Then the military would be the best bet for you, where you do not need to worry about Belgian licensure. Otherwise you can expect the procedure to take about one year for you to get your license there, and especially if you need to study French now. You need to be able to write the exam in French, and with all of the different drugs.

    US Government would definitely be your best bet.

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