Why/how Nursing????

  1. Some may already read/joined this kind of thread in the International Forum. Just want to know those story from our fellow Filipino nurses why they choose this profession, and also for those "students" like me..

    Some may think that i'm dumb, because we all know that the purpose of majority of us today is to havea good oppurtunity in abroad.

    I want to know those stories for me to have a big idea what is really i'm taking now. This is really important to a youngster like me who just sent easily to a nursing school by our parents/sponsors without further consideration.

    Here is mine,


    Last last summer(may 2005) i'm in CCPC(caloocan city polytechnic college) completing the rest of my requirements(and after that just wait for the opening of the classes) then suddenly my mother called to me telling that my two aunties(my sponsors) want me to take BSN. I dont know what to say because at that time my mindset is already in ComScie(since i really love computers). In this case i have no choice but to grab this good oppurtunity, eventhough i dont have an idea about nursing. But my mother helped me realize so many things since she was a midwife. Ever since, i dont really like to be in medical field, it does not fits to my character(that is my perception before)


    But now i'm sure to my self that i'm loving this course Last summer(may) my father was confined at PGH(in M&S ward). There are so many patient having different illnesses, good looking doctors(they are really "artistahin") and especially, nurses. I really admire those nurses, it's like they working night till morning without rest. At that time i realized how tough to be a nurse and it is not just about dollars!I think of this as a great challange, because i'm a type of guy that is now good in conversation/communication. i'm always silent (some says im a loner), having sedentary lifestyle, etc.. Other reason in taking BSN is that i want nursing to change me(is it possible??). I want to make difference, i want to help other who needs care, ease the pain (like in my father situation). My parent gives me a lot inspiration and motivation in persuing this dream, most of all my father who's diabetic and can't work anymore because of severity. This drives me.
    thats all for now

    -Forgive me for not being direct to the point, and to my English

    -Any comments, suggestion, voilent reaction is much appreciated!
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