Who among the US presidentiables will be truly helpful...

  1. I hope aside from having good platforms, the presidentiables will truly take a look into the conditions of US Nurses,the so called " shortage" as well as qualified foreign nurses who wants to work leagally in the states...that they would give considerable actions. Keeping my fingers crossed:spin:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    None that are in the running for the top job. Again, there are other much more pressing matters. Creating any visas for RNs does not speed up the process of getting someone here, that is what many do not realize. The average wait time when there are visas is about two years from when the process starts, and that is the same time that it takes to train a nurse that is an American and give them a job.

    That is what the focus in now shifting to. Look even at the program that Michigan has put into place. They are using alot of Canadian RNs on the TN Visa, but plan to train people that were in other fields to become nurses and then get a paycheck and have job security; instead of importing nurses.

    The Canadians qualify under the Nafta Treaty for the TN Visa, so easy to bring them over, but it is still a temporary visa that must be renewed each year. But it is quite different from the H1-B visa series.
  4. by   Mcgyver
    Thanks suzZy!