Where do I buy cheap/discounted supplies?

  1. Hi there,
    am just curious to know what your favourite website or wholesale supplier is for stethoscopes etcetera. Or if you know or have noticed where your hospital gets its supplies from. I am in Perth,WA. Or is there some mail catologue out there? I have searched on Google, and they are mostly American or if in Oz, a bit expensive or too high of qaulity. The otoscopes are high end and don't have mid range ones, the thermometers are too high end as well, some other products are single use only or disposable. Since I'm already asking supplies I had a friend that has heart problems and alwaysgoes to doctor to get her pressure checked when I suggested she look for a digital blood pressure monitor but not sure which brand, so if there are any elderly care nurses on this forum and you know of a good model then I welcome your suggestion.

    Have a family friend that is wanting to buy a breast pump and plans to use it for her next 3 or so planned babies. Should I suggest manual or machine (automatic)? Any reccomendations?


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  3. by   AussieTina
    Hi Jake

    I am only a student nurse, so i do not know where to buy things...but I will be looking with interest at any replys you receive

    I am however a mum of four kids, I purchased a manual Medela breast pump 13 years ago (it was recommended by the main maternity hospital in Adelaide, my daughter was 9 weeks prem, so the pump got a lot of work!), and it still works perfectly today! After being a user of the pump for all of my kids (13, 10, 3, 1), tell your friend to by a machine pump...your arm/hand gets really tired and sore I do know that the pump that i have can be hooked up to a machine that you can hire from the chemist, and that they still sell the exact same pumps today.

    Hope this helps