Whats a CES report???

  1. im a foreign trained nurse and i went to my state BON (Georgia) and apparently, they require for newly grads to have either a CGFNS certificate or a CES report before they let you take NCLEX.. im not about to take CGFNS so i wanna know what the CES is, is it a test? is it a form? etc.. need help bad! thank guys!
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  3. by   sunward,RN
    hi there.. hope this will help...
    Credentials Evaluation Services or CES is an evaluation of your foreign nursing educaton done by CGFNS.it is not a test.

    for nurses,usually the required report is "healthcare profession & Science Course-by course report" and you need more or less $ 278 fee to be paid to CGFNS. but to be sure, ask BON in your state what kind of report do they need?

    to apply for this, you need to download the application forms from the cgfns web site CGFNS International and the application handbook also, to help you for the entire process. good luck!
  4. by   chichimitchi
    thanks sunward.. thats a lot of help :spin:
  5. by   sunward,RN
    you're welcome!!