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At the moment l'm working for an agency but l'm getting very little work. l have sent off numerous resumes to nursing homes in the hope of getting part time or casual work. So far not much... Read More

  1. by   frannybee
    Last I heard, Mt Isa (north-west Qld) was very short of long-term staff. Loads of what I call tourist nurses (those who stay for 3 months while they see a bit of the country before their visas run out) but not a lot of permanent nurses prepared to make a commitment of 2yrs or more. It's *very* isolated and if you like shopping malls and nightclubs it's not for you, but they're a really friendly bunch and you'll learn a lot about giving appropriate healthcare to people from cultures other than your own, given the large Aboriginal community.
  2. by   samros
    Have you thought about going interstate?
    I'm in aged care and we can't get enough RN's.At present trying to operate with only 2 casuals on the books.I had been out of nursing for 20 years and walked into a position where I have been for the past 6 years.

    Originally posted by leeca
    At the moment l'm working for an agency but l'm getting very little work. l have sent off numerous resumes to nursing homes in the hope of getting part time or casual work.

    So far not much success, even had a resume sent back saying that they advertise their jobs in the paper. l'm constanatly reading the paper and l go online everyday to see whats available but still not much luck, as a lot of jobs are advertised internally at the hospitals or nursing homes.

    As l'm still on the outside the internal advertising is not much good to me, does anyone have any suggestions of other ways l can find work.

    Everyone goes on about how there is a nurse shortage, but still not able to get work.
  3. by   Chris Hawkins
    I think you should register with agencies that cover Melbourne and make it clear that you are prepared to travel into the city.
  4. by   senokot
    I have been looking for a night duty job in aged care for the past several weeks but have had no luck ,have sent my Resume out cold to several places and all so made several cold calls but no luck. I would like to work in the area I live (outer Melb ) as for many years I travelled into the city area ,I worked 19 years in the one facility (14 years nightduty)so I have considerable experience in Aged Care and Palliative Care but no job , I resigned from my job for several reasons one of them being the problems that arose when constantly working with untrained staff but there where also a few times that I worked with PCA's that were quite competent, also PCA's were offered positions as care facilitaters( hope that is the correct spelling) so what does my 30 years of experience account for, Ican go back to study and for example gain a Grad Cert in case management as at the moment there appears to be quite a few jobs in that area but what about us who want to do hands on, maybe a Refresher course and back into the public system? I have been offered two positions in the past weeks both in Community Outreach programs but will only be paid at Attendant care rates so hopefully i will have some luck with Agency work.
  5. by   bulletproofbarb
    I'm registered with two agencies and a casual pool (bank) and have had work all week including a double on Friday and a shift saturday. I am down as available for Sunday but aren't holiding my breathe.

    I think the idea is to register with a couple of agencies. When I was with just one, and not on the casual pool, work was thin. This week, I have had to refuse shifts because I have already got a shift elsewhere. This week I did shifts for both agencies and the casual pool. I did 2 shifts for the casual poo, 1 for the second agency and 4 for the first agency I am with.

    I then put my self as available with one agency, I make the bookings opposite the confirmed agency bookings so if one cancels, I still have a chance of another shift. If neither cancel, I will do a double, if I am really tired, I will cancel one myself.

    However, there is not really a shortage at the moment as such. Agency is seasonal and always has been. Come winter, work will pick up. The major teaching hospitals in Perth have also employed a very large number of graduate nurses, over 100 in one hospital alone. Such a huge influx has seen the disapearance of agency. I certainly wouldn't want to be a patient there at the moment, it is so unsafe.

    Medical wards tend to have the most vacancies. The casual pool I am on is a small outer metro hospital so there isn't much work.
  6. by   mrh1953
    I have that same response here in the States. I keep hearing about all these shortages, but jobs are hard to find for the returning nurse (such as myself). I was in other professions for a number of years, took a refresher course, got re-licensed, and am now struggling to find work.

    Oh, there are sh-- jobs out there, but I'm also looking for a little quality of life on the job. That's harder to come by.

    Nevertheless, there is NO shortage at my local hospital nor at those nearby.

    I sometimes feel that I was sold a bill of goods...
  7. by   pitto
    Plenty of work here in WA for nurses that want to work. My tip is to give the agencies away and go direct to the employer or NurseBank (or whatever they call it in Vic). Guaranteed everytime they'll ring you before they ring the agency!!!!

    Good luck hunting :hatparty:
  8. by   carm4502
    In Queensland the Government has developed a databse to capture all agency usage and asks for justification. It also insists on using "contracted" agencies first, demanding explanations if you use a non-contract agency.

    In response most hospitals have tried to extend their casual pool to avoid all the paperwork. If you work in a specialty like theatre or ICU or paeds, there is a chance you will get agency work in Queensland. Otherwise it is best to join a couple of hospital pools for work. The pools will start to build from now on in preparation for the "winter" workload increase. Good Luck!!! :chuckle