what is the job opportunities for ERs during the ecomomic downturn in SA ?

  1. Hi,dear friends:
    I am a nursing student in China.I am planning to take a TAFE course in SA to be a ER. So i hope to know is it easy for me to get a job after finishing my TAFE course.And also i 'd like to know some high quality TAFEs in SA.
    Because of the economic downturn i really don't know is it a right choice to go to Australia.I need advices please help me.Thank you very much!!
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  3. by   buttercup99
    I am assuming that you mean an EN - enrolled nurse. All TAFEs are exactly the same as each other. They are all the same government run organisation - just different locations. In SA, there are only about 2 or 3 TAFE campuses that offer the nursing diploma out of all of them. And they are all as good as each other. The course is the same. It is just a matter of which one is closer.

    There are plenty of positions for nurses in Australia. As long as you do well in your nursing placement and get a good report, you would get a job.

    Of course there are many more jobs for RNs than for ENs but there are still EN vacancies too. Put it this way: There are heaps of positions available; a real deficiency of nurses. BUT employers still require a certain standard - you must get decent grades and a good report from your clinical placements, and you must have good communication skills including English speaking, written and listening skills. So they are desperate for nurses but not totally desperate, if that makes any sense!!!
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  4. by   StudentBeccy
    I can answer some of the TAFESA questions a little. I currently study at the Port Adelaide campus, where they teach the Diploma course for internationals as well as domestic students - both on and off campus.

    I've found the lecturers absolutely amazing. You'll find that the lecturers who teach at Pt Adel, are the ones who, not only write the power points for the lectures, but they also write and edit (one of my lecturers is the editor for all of them) the training packages.

    As for job availability. SA are screaming for nurses atm. I'm only new, so i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post this link or not (it is for the Health dept here in SA). if not, can a mod remove it -