What important questions should I ask?

  1. Hello there! I am planning to attend tomorrow the First Philippine Nurtsing Opportunities Conference and Expo at the SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall. As a new board passer, I am still unsure and undecided with my career path. I hope you can give me quetions related to the following topics so I know what I should I look for answers. Here are the topics:

    a. Growing work opportunities for filipino nurses
    b. NCLEX in the Phils
    c. Retrogression - Employment Updates
    d. How do we streamline pooling of filipino nurses?
    e. How to fund my nursing career?
    f. Employers/Recruitment Agency

    I am basically very interested in NCLEX, Retrogression and Employers/Recruitment Agencies since I plan to work in the US in 3 years and I want to make preparations for that as early as now. I hope some of you can give me relevant questions so that I would know what matters should I look forward to in the conference and be ready for it. Thank you very much.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Know that this will get to you late, but highly recommend that you focus on getting a job in another country first to have a better chance of possibly getting a green card to work in the US.

    Passing of the NCLEX exam no longer guarantees anyone of a green card to work in the US. The number of nurses that wish to work in the US from your country far exceeds the number of visas that are available per year.

    Best of luck to you.