What are the education requirements to apply for Visa/Green Card in US??

  1. hey Suzanne4, I am a operation theater assistant in India. I plan to study ahead here in India itself for now. I am interested in getting a Green Card in USA in future. Could you please guide me what are the educational requirements to apply for Visa/Green Card for US??

    Furthurmore, what is the procedure to do the same? I read you mentioned in another thread that there is no H-1 visas for nursing anymore. So would I need to send my resume and get a job in a hospital in US first or do I straight go to US consulate here in India and apply for immigration straight from there?? Does it matter which state I am going to? i.e Are there some states/territories which seek more international nurses than others??

    There are some firms which claim to do the whole procedure for some money, but I want to know the facts for myself first before trying. Thanks for helping out.
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    The requirement is RN and no longer a guarantee that everyone will get a visa due to high demand. thing's may change in a couple of years but I doubt it. You can not start the process, you have to find an employer by deciding where you want to live and applying to board of nursing licensure process and applying to hospitals once you have meet all requirements and passed NCLEX. You have plenty of time to look at what you are doing but I hope you are going into nursing because you want to not for a Green card as currently many applicants and not enough visas and no idea if that will change. Plenty to read on hear on what to do especially the sticky called Primer to working in the US