What are my chances??

  1. Good day everyone, newbie here.

    I just want to ask if is it worth to go to Abu Dhabi through visit visa?
    I have a friend there who's currently working as a charge nurse in a gov't hospital.

    What are my chances to land a work in Abu Dhabi let me say, if I have 2 years and 7 months hospital experience and being HAAD examination passer?

    Thanks guys, all the responses will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   RNTMBY
    wow can i ask how was your exam? my friend, who was an nclex ielts passer failed that HAAD exam..
    i think you have a big chance of landing a job at abu dhabi coz i have a friend there who told me that they need nurses they are understaffed

    congratulations and good luck at applying
  4. by   adangerousbeauty
    Why do you need to go there on a visit visa? Why not apply through agency instead since you are qualified anyway? Visit POEA in Mandaluyong, they have jobs for Ministry of Health (pay is higher, great benefits, no placement fee). There are even private reputable agencies that don't demand placement fees. I suggest you save yourself the trouble. Usually visit visa are for those who are lacking in qualification and maybe expect some backer in the middle east to help them get the job.
  5. by   jomsjoms
    Hello RNTMBY, actually I haven't taken the HAAD exam yet, however, I'm planning to by May.

    Well, you can search for HAAD treads in this forum if you want to know some info. Most of them says the exam was not too easy nor too hard. The questions was similar to NCLEX but much easier, so if you're done with NCLEX it is your advantage.

    Are you also planning to take HAAD?
    May I ask if what hospital does your friend currently working?
  6. by   RNTMBY
    @jomsjoms my friend is currently unemployed and she plans to go to dubai by visit visa but to her dismay she failed the HAAD exam her next step would be to take the MOH. she did not opt to go to an agency because some of our friends already waited for the longest time for their applications to be accepted and those agencies don't even update them.. some changed contact numbers

    there was 1 question she couldn't forget
    it was about how to remove the contact lens of an unconscious patient

    i thought if the exam had those sorts of questions then i wouldn't take the risk.. i've been unemployed, had not been studying for two years

    goodluck on your exam this may God bless!!!
  7. by   jenna18
    How does one sit for the HAAD exam? I have two years experience from a secondary hosp in the province. Is it given here thru pearson vue? please give detiils or the thread or website that has the details. thank you so much.
  8. by   lactamase
    sorry if it's off topic, but what's the answer on your question about removing contact lenses in an unconscious client? *I'd rather not make a thread about this thing :P*